Epiphany: Religious and Cultural Importance

Why Do Christians Celebrate Epiphany?
What is the religious significance of epiphany, or Three Kings Day? Why do we celebrate? Where does Epiphany fit in Christian's daily life? Biblical, historical, liturgical and cultural details of Epiphany, January 6.
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Kwanzaa: A Season of Family

Kwanzaa Information, Websites, Free Printable Activities, Games, Lessons & Crafts
All about the African-American community and harvest celebration of Kwanzaa, including the Principles of Kwanzaa, history, symbols, Swahili vocabulary, printable crafts, puzzles, games and activities.
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Traditions: Building Memories through Holiday Traditions

Creative Christmas Traditions
Holidays are all about traditions. In our 21 year, four children marriage, we haven't always had much money, but we have established dozens of traditions. As the children move into adulthood, our memories and traditions are priceless. As a Catholic homeschooling family, our holiday traditions have focused on family, spirituality, faith and education. Here is a collection of Advent and Christmas traditions from our family to yours.
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Mind+Bady=Emotional Health

Emotional Health: Self-Care, Awareness and Help
What are the most worrisome health issues today? Depression, chronic rage, emotional dysfunction, addictive behavior, co-dependent behavior, stress-related illness. Why? Because we are learning that mind and body are symbiotic.
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Logical Consequences, Discipline and Common Sense

Discipline, Punishment and Logical Consequences
Does punishment have to be imposed? Do we have to invent ways to punish children or are there natural punishments? Logical consequences, the natural results of choices, are the perfect form of discipline for home and school.
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How to Take an In-House Vacation

How to Take an at Home Family Vacation
Summer's over and yet again, we didn't get a vacation. If your life feels like all work and no play, you need to read this guide. How to take a vacation without leaving home. First aid for families for whom the word vacation' is an oxymoron.
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Charitable Giving and Overseas Missions

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Children's' Charities
Gift-giving guide for charitable giving. Domestic and overseas missions. Issues to consider in charitable gift-giving. Gift suggestions that work well for anonymous giving.
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Live Love by Sharing and Caring

6 Clicks a Day Can Keep Suffering at Bay
Review of 6 linked sites which are sponsered by advertisers who will donate goods and services based upon the number of clicks. Sites provide food for the hungry, medical care and books for children, mammograms, animal rescues and rain forest preservation.
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Soul Soothing Films

Top Ten Chick Flicks of All Time
Need a few chick flicks to share with your best pals on a girls night in? These are the 'piece de resistance'. Laugh and cry together with these films. These films remind us why it's great to be a girl!
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Creating Serenity in Restful Spaces

The Ultimate Guide for Creating Serenity
Step-by-Step guide for designing peaceful places in your home, inexpensively.Easy ways to create an atmosphere of serenity.
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How to Comfort the Bereaved

How to Talk to Someone Grieving the Loss of a Loved One
You are at a funeral. It's your turn in line to talk to a family member or friend. What do you say? Or you see a friend who has recently lost a loved one. Do you avoid her? What can you say to comfort?
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Genealogy, Family and Memories

Vintage Memorabilia: Make a Table of Memories
Celebrate family history with this table of memories. Design for a vintage table of memories with treasured family heirlooms, memorabilia and photos. Use with genealogy photo wall to remember loved ones.
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How to Create a Genealogy Photo Wall: Easy, Inexpensive, Memorable and Dresses Up Any Wall
step by step guide to create and display family photos in a family tree motif.
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Emotional Healing with Al-Anon Slogans

Al-Anon Slogan Meditations
Reflections on the Al-Anon and AA slogans. Emotional healing. Spiritual renewal.
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Shattering Myths about Communication and Teens

10 Common Myths that Prevent Healthy Communication with Teenagers
10 myths that many of us believe or have believed about teenagers and our own adulthood that have cut off healthy communication with teenagers. Taken from the reading, writing and experience of a psychology-Special Education instructor and mother of four.
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Self-Care Basics

Self-Care Basics: Ways to Stay Sane and Healhy
This is the first in a series of articles on basic self-care techniques: Quit 'shoulding' on yourself and find out what you need. We will consider different tasks involved in taking care of ourselves.
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Self- Esteem, Self-Confidence and Emotional Healing

10 Therapeutic Techniques to Heal Low Self-Esteem
Low self-esteem plagues many people. Some struggle periodically and for others, it's a daily battle. Here are some therapeutic techniques to help heal and improve low self-esteem.
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A very odd article that I wrote in which title, description and actual content do not match...

Relationships, Self-Confidence, Having Fun, Cats, Sweating and Small Stuff
thoughts on how to get your point across without being mean or feeling guilty
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World Literature for Young Children

World Literature Lessons for Reading Books with Children Ages 4 - 8
Literature guide for books and stories around the world. This list provides literature ideas from 5 continents and over twenty countries. These books are best for ages four to eight. Includes many Caldecott Medal winners awarded for best illustrations
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How to Comfort Parents Grieving a Lost Child

Top 10 Gifts to Give a Mom Who Has Lost a Child
These gift suggestions for a mom who has lost a child, come from my own past personal experience with the lost of two babies as well as ideas and thoughts I've gathered from friends who have lost children.
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Sleep with Jesus, little one. Listen to Paul Potts 'Con Ti Partiro' on the World Player; Con Ti Partiro is Italian for 'Time to Say Goodbye'. Let the healing tears flow...

Music for the Soul

Be sure to activate the World Music Player when you visit Live+Love+Learn. It features a collection of music from all over the world by various artists. Music is salve for the wounds and aches of the soul. It's a balm that cleanses anger, fear, anxiety and sorrow.

I want to make particular note of a young artist by the name of Paul Potts. Paul was a car phone salesman with a heavy rural accent who auditioned on Britain's Got Talent. Paul was awkward and unassuming. He came onstage, looking sloppy, overweight, with crooked teeth and a bad hair cut. Simon was already sneering.

But when he began to sing 'Nessun Dorma', this voice of an angel filled the studio and the audience and judges began to cry. Listen for yourself. PaulPottsUK.com

Host a Vintage Tea Party

How to Host an Edwardian Tea Party
Compleat guide to hosting the perfect Edwardian-era tea party, including tea service, dress, flowers, music, atmosphere and of course food and drink!
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Grieving a Loved one? Plant a Memory Garden

Plant a Memory Garden for Earth Day or Memorial Day
Step by step guide to create a memory garden.
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Stress and Relaxation

'Fight or flight' is the body's response to stress. In stressful situations, adrenaline floods the body which helps in real trauma, but can have disastrous effects on health Simple Summer Stress Reducers
Use these easy stress reducers any time you need to decompress!
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Yes, de-stress = No distress!

Live+Love+Learn=Summer Self-Care

Do you give so much all day, all year that your reserve fuel for self is low? Do you feel a sense of anxiety that there are things you 'should' be doing? Does the idea of doing nothing frighten you? If you've answered yes, to even one of these questions, let's think of some ways for you to establish inner peace, shalom, pace, Summer Solstice and Relaxation
a look at The Liturgy of the Hours as a way to find rest and solstice
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Latin; the Pangua Lingua

Gloria Patri,
et Filio et Spiritui Sancto
Sicut erat in principio,
et nunc, et semper
et in saecula saeculorum

This very simple praise song sums up all Trintiarian belief in 20 lovely Latin words. Here is a translation with some derivatives in German, English and Italian)

Glory be to the Father (Patri ~pater, vader, father)
and the Son (Filio~ filial)
and the Holy Spirit (Spiritui Sancto~san, saint, sacred)
as it was in the beginning (Sicut erat in principio~principle)
is now (et nunc)
and ever shall be (et semper~ Semper Fi (deles)~ always faithful)
world without end (saecula saeculorum~ secular)

Latin is the language of prayer (Ora) of praise (Gloria), of education (Scholastica) well of Live (vitae)+Love (Ama)+Learn (scholae).

Thought for today from St. Benedictus (goodness): Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)
Or as they say on Prairie Home Companion~ Be well. Do good work.
love mar

Shalom and Wilkommen!

'Live simply that others might simply live.' I can't get those words of St. Mother Theresa out of my heart. That's sort of the mantra of this blog. All things about living+loving+learning in healthy ways. Like the Blessed Trinity or the Irish Clauddaugh ring; living, loving and learning are entwined.

Living: in harmony with our Creator, our fellow humans, with nature and within our relationships.

Loving: The cardinal virtues: faith, hope and charity. But the greatest of these is love.

Learning: to be wise, helpful, nurturing, healthy, safe and serene.

For the concept for this blog, I thank the spirit of the late Dr. Leo Felice Buscaglia.


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