Bible Verses and Scripture Quoting Used as Weapons

The Bible is the Holy book for Christians, yet sometimes we used Biblical scripture verses as weapons. Is the Holy Scripture a teaching tool or a weapon? Read on...

Is the Bible a Weapon?

Bible Scripture Verses: Teaching Tool or Weapon?
When you read this title, did you think "Obviously, the Bible is a tool, not a weapon?" The Bible refers to itself as 'a sword of truth' and a sword can be used as a weapon. But as Christians, are we called to use Bible scripture for hurting or helping?
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LimeWire P2P File Share Closed Down

LimeWire P2P File Share Loses Court Battle, Closes Service
LimeWire, of internet file-sharing (aka "piracy") fame, has lost its lengthy court battle with record company moguls over its right to disseminate music and video files over the web. The decision was announced Oct. 27, 2010.
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