Chris Colfer Does Victor/Victoria "Le Jazz Hot!"; The Voice of "Glee" Television Show

Victor/Victoria (1982, Julie Andrews) is one of my favorite musicals, with such great songs as "Le Jazz Hot!". The hit TV show "Glee" released a remake of "Le Jazz Hot!" featuring the extraordinary voice talents of Chris Colfer, aka Kurt Hummel. Read on...

Aussie Xavier Rudd Evokes Music of the Soul with His Didgeridoo

My sons and I consider ourselves musical leftists: radical and revolutionary. We are always on the lookout for way-out of the box musical genres, styles and sounds. Australian Xavier Rudd and his didgeridoo (also  spelled didjeridu) satisfies our collective musical souls. What? You've never heard of a didgeridoo? Don't feel inadequate. Neither did I until I heard Xavier Rudd play it. Read on...

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