Soul Soothing Films

Top Ten Chick Flicks of All Time
Need a few chick flicks to share with your best pals on a girls night in? These are the 'piece de resistance'. Laugh and cry together with these films. These films remind us why it's great to be a girl!
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Creating Serenity in Restful Spaces

The Ultimate Guide for Creating Serenity
Step-by-Step guide for designing peaceful places in your home, inexpensively.Easy ways to create an atmosphere of serenity.
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How to Comfort the Bereaved

How to Talk to Someone Grieving the Loss of a Loved One
You are at a funeral. It's your turn in line to talk to a family member or friend. What do you say? Or you see a friend who has recently lost a loved one. Do you avoid her? What can you say to comfort?
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Genealogy, Family and Memories

Vintage Memorabilia: Make a Table of Memories
Celebrate family history with this table of memories. Design for a vintage table of memories with treasured family heirlooms, memorabilia and photos. Use with genealogy photo wall to remember loved ones.
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How to Create a Genealogy Photo Wall: Easy, Inexpensive, Memorable and Dresses Up Any Wall
step by step guide to create and display family photos in a family tree motif.
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Emotional Healing with Al-Anon Slogans

Al-Anon Slogan Meditations
Reflections on the Al-Anon and AA slogans. Emotional healing. Spiritual renewal.
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