What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: Jan. 25-27, 2013

Winter has finally gotten into gear in Michigan for this fourth weekend of 2013. But snow and plummeting temperatures aren't slowing things down in Detroit. The January 25-27, 2013, weekend is jam-packed with activities for kids, families, and adults. Here are a few selections around Metro Detroit for your weekend.  What to Do in Detroit Jan. 25-27, 2013

Octomom Nadya Suleman Exemplifies Misconceptions About Welfare

Mom of 14, Nadya Suleman, dubbed "Octomom" for her octuplets, was investigated by Child Protective Services after photos appeared showing unsanitary, dangerous conditions at her home. Suleman lashed out in an ABC Good Morning, America interview, saying that her hairdresser who took the photos "set her up."

CPS found no reason to remove the children, but ABC cameras showed quite a lot of damage to the house. It concerns me that Suleman's children are living in such a poorly-kept home, while mom is getting expensive stylist treatments. Beyond that, her attitude toward money bothers me even more. It exemplifies some basic misconceptions about welfare. Read more

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