Logical Consequences, Discipline and Common Sense

Discipline, Punishment and Logical Consequences
Does punishment have to be imposed? Do we have to invent ways to punish children or are there natural punishments? Logical consequences, the natural results of choices, are the perfect form of discipline for home and school.
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How to Take an In-House Vacation

How to Take an at Home Family Vacation
Summer's over and yet again, we didn't get a vacation. If your life feels like all work and no play, you need to read this guide. How to take a vacation without leaving home. First aid for families for whom the word vacation' is an oxymoron.
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Charitable Giving and Overseas Missions

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Children's' Charities
Gift-giving guide for charitable giving. Domestic and overseas missions. Issues to consider in charitable gift-giving. Gift suggestions that work well for anonymous giving.
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Live Love by Sharing and Caring

6 Clicks a Day Can Keep Suffering at Bay
Review of 6 linked sites which are sponsered by advertisers who will donate goods and services based upon the number of clicks. Sites provide food for the hungry, medical care and books for children, mammograms, animal rescues and rain forest preservation.
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