Highland Park, MI, Residents Protest Disposal of Black History Collection

 A large collection of books and media on black history and culture was recently found in a dumpster near Highland Park Renaissance High School in Highland Park, Michigan. City Emergency Manager Donald Weatherspoon said workers were clearing the school library's second floor to make room for offices, and they threw the collection out by mistake, says CBS Detroit WWJ. I wrote this article as straight news and so couldn't give my opinion. But on my blog--that's another story. Disposing of books is wrong on many levels. When there's a book burning people come out in protest. Yet here's loads of valuable collectibles dumped and only a handful object. There was no issue of offensiveness. They were just deemed as too cumbersome. How does it cost the school any more to house the collection? And if maintaining it was so expensive, why not donate? And if the school is in so much debt as to require a emergency manager, why not SELL it?? I have no choice but to conclude that this is a racist act of imperialism, plain and simple. Highland Park, MI, Residents Protest Disposal of Black History Collection

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