Making Relationships Work on Different Schedules

 My husband works nights. So we have to be creative about making time for our relationship. Some ways might sound strange to those with more normal schedules. For example, on weekends, if he has a night off, we'll stay up all night visiting, listening to music, watching old movies. Then we sleep till afternoon. Quirky, but it works and keeps us close. Relationship Glue Recipe Bloom Where You Are Planted 

Daily Dose of Silly Cat, Mine Thinks He is Stanley Kowolski

Silly never hurt anyone. We all need more silliness. My bombastic cat provides my daily dose. He's has just determined that it's time to end the work day. Like Stanley Kowolski, in A Streetcar Named Desire he thinks he calls the shots. He has been scratching at Blanche duBois' face on the cover of my program.  My Cat Thinks He is Stanley Kowolski

Free Printable Day of the Dead Crafts and Activities

El Dia de los Muertos--the Day of the Dead--commemorates the lives our beloved dead in Catholic tradition.The Day of the Dead coincides with the Catholic All Saints Day and All Souls Day, November 1 and 2. Need free printable activities? You've come to the right place.

Traditionally commemorative altars are brought to the cemetery so that the family may visit with the dearly departed. The human skull is an integral symbol in El Dia de los Muertos. Candies are made in the shape of skulls and people may paint their faces to represent a skull. Some of the United States Halloween traditions have developed from the Day of the Dead celebrations. The Day of the Dead is a religious holiday, culminating the Catholic traditions of All Saints and All Souls Day with earlier Aztec, Mixtec, Olmec and Toltec pre-Columbian traditions.  Free Printable "Day of the Dead" Crafts, Lessons and Activities

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