How to Observe Labor Day the Union Way

Labor Day is more than just a another beer-drinking, flag-waving holiday. A lot of union people worked really hard so we could enjoy workplace rights. The way we celebrate a holiday reflects how we believe. If I focus only on partying I show that's all I care about. This Labor Day, thank a union worker. You enjoy that weekend, 40-hour work week, 8-hour day, thanks to collective bargaining. Kids don't work in sweatshops in the U.S., thanks to unions. Even if you work in a non-union place, you're benefiting from the efforts of organized labor. Here's how we celebrated labor as a family.  How to Observe Labor Day the Union Way

Relationship Glue Recipe: Avoid Over-controlling, Micromanaging

My husband and I have been in a relationship for 31 years and married for 26 of those. I'm writing a series of tips using the +Relationship-glue-recipe tag (click that for the rest). And you know when I give advice, it's from personal experience, usually based on some faux pas one or both of us has made. Today's advice: don't micromanage. Or nit pick, hen (or rooster) peck, nag, pester or generally overthink. Read moreRelationship Glue Recipe: Avoid Over-controlling, Micromanaging

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