Jackie Evancho 10 Year Old Classical Crossover Youtube AGT Singer is New Jenny Lind

Jackie Evancho 10 Year-Old Classical Crossover Singer and Youtube AGT Sensation: Next Jenny Lind
Jackie Evancho, 10-year old classical crossover soprano from Pittsburg, PA is singing her way into the hearts of music lovers in her Youtube videos and recent entrance on the America's Got Talent. Is Jackie the next 'Swedish Nightingale' Jenny Lind?
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Matisyahu: Hasidic Jewish Reggae Singer

Matisyahu Hasidic Jewish Reggae Rapper Blends Roots, Faith, Music
Matthew Paul Miller, better known in the music world by his Jewish name Matisyahu, left his traditional reconstructionist Jewish roots to embrace orthodox or Hasidic Judaism and now expresses his faith and world view in reggae/ light rap music.
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AA and Al-Anon Slogans: Keep it Clean

Relationship and Emotional Health Help: Al-Anon Slogan 'Keep it Clean'
Al-Anon and AA (Alchoholics Anonymous)provide a great toolkit for emotional health. It's called the Al-Anon Slogans. Part of recovery from addiction or emotional illness includes 'Keeping it clean' in relationships.
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