Live+Love+Learn=Summer Self-Care

Do you give so much all day, all year that your reserve fuel for self is low? Do you feel a sense of anxiety that there are things you 'should' be doing? Does the idea of doing nothing frighten you? If you've answered yes, to even one of these questions, let's think of some ways for you to establish inner peace, shalom, pace, Summer Solstice and Relaxation
a look at The Liturgy of the Hours as a way to find rest and solstice
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Latin; the Pangua Lingua

Gloria Patri,
et Filio et Spiritui Sancto
Sicut erat in principio,
et nunc, et semper
et in saecula saeculorum

This very simple praise song sums up all Trintiarian belief in 20 lovely Latin words. Here is a translation with some derivatives in German, English and Italian)

Glory be to the Father (Patri ~pater, vader, father)
and the Son (Filio~ filial)
and the Holy Spirit (Spiritui Sancto~san, saint, sacred)
as it was in the beginning (Sicut erat in principio~principle)
is now (et nunc)
and ever shall be (et semper~ Semper Fi (deles)~ always faithful)
world without end (saecula saeculorum~ secular)

Latin is the language of prayer (Ora) of praise (Gloria), of education (Scholastica) well of Live (vitae)+Love (Ama)+Learn (scholae).

Thought for today from St. Benedictus (goodness): Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)
Or as they say on Prairie Home Companion~ Be well. Do good work.
love mar

Shalom and Wilkommen!

'Live simply that others might simply live.' I can't get those words of St. Mother Theresa out of my heart. That's sort of the mantra of this blog. All things about living+loving+learning in healthy ways. Like the Blessed Trinity or the Irish Clauddaugh ring; living, loving and learning are entwined.

Living: in harmony with our Creator, our fellow humans, with nature and within our relationships.

Loving: The cardinal virtues: faith, hope and charity. But the greatest of these is love.

Learning: to be wise, helpful, nurturing, healthy, safe and serene.

For the concept for this blog, I thank the spirit of the late Dr. Leo Felice Buscaglia.


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