Free World Food Sampler at Church, Community Festivals

Husband and I took our daughter to Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts Saturday. This is the 43rd event of its type in Michigan's second largest city and we have been going for 26 years--since I was expecting our oldest. Festival features a world food sampling, prepared by civic groups and diverse ethnic communities and churches represented in Grand Rapids. If you're looking for a free to inexpensive world food sampler, try a church or community picnic. For World Food Sampler, Try Free Community Festivals

Best Party Host and Hostess Thank-You Gifts

You've been invited to a dinner, cocktail party, special occasion or event. Maybe it's for business; maybe just for fun. Whatever the occasion, your host or hostess has put a lot into preparations. It's customary to bring a small token of gratitude. I'm not talking large gift. You don't have to put her child through college. Just a simple, inexpensive thank you. But it should be nice--not some tchotchki that screams "made in Taiwan." Here's my no-fail list of affordable -- that's under $10 in layman's terms-- hostess thank you gifts. Top Party Hostess Thank-You Gifts

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