The Psychology of Jazz Music

The Joy of Jazz Music
Jazz is the joie de vivre. Jazz is balanced. Jazz is mediating ego, the adult. Jazz music takes the anger, the negative energy and the superciliousness from other musical styles transforms them into vibrant joy.
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Tattoos as Religious Symbols

Tattoos as Religious Symbols
Tattoos are becoming increasingly more popular. I don't take exception to anyone's right to wear a tattoo. I do object to the wearing of Christian tattoos and expecting other Christians to accept the tattoos as Holy.
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Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent: Second Place

Susan Boyle BGT Sweetheart Suffers Emotional Breakdown
As with Paul Potts, we fully expected that Susan Boyle would win Britian's Got Talent. Alas, we were stunned to discover that Susan placed second and was taken to a hospital with an emotional breakdown. Susan, get well soon.

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Bobby McFerrin: Voice of Ages

Bobby McFerrin: The Virtuoso Voice
Born to an opera singer father, Robert McFerrin, and college music professor mother, Bobby certainly had the musical seed planted.Review of the singer who has been called the greatest voice on the planet!

Jesus of Nazareth~ Must-See Movie for Lent/Easter

Best Movie for Lent and Easter: Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus of Nazareth is Franco Zeffirelli's definitive film about the nativity, teaching, miracles, passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Loving directed and produced by a Catholic, by the request of the Pope, Jesus of Nazareth, made in 1977, is a miracle of devotion, a proclamation of faith, a beautifully told story and a drama of the very first order. You must view this film for Lent or Easter.

Nutrition, Health, Live, Love, Learn...

How to Keep up with a Busy Life and Feed the Kids Well!
A little off the beaten track for this blog, perhaps, but nutrition is the key to live, love learn. Health is wealth. Article includes: healthy snack choices, better nutritional fast food choices, nutrition on the run. Guide to meal planning around a busy family life.

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