Beware of Parsley Lingerie, Silliness to Make You Smile

This is just a silly post to make you smile. It's about how multitasking can come back to bite you. I write a lot about personal organization. Which is sometimes a case of the disorganized leading the also disorganized. You might laugh, seeing my my paperwork jumble juxtaposed with tips. Alas, I am a teacher. And you know that they say about us: those that can't, teach. Multitasking Dangers, Beware of Parsley Lingerie


Shadows of the Past? Freedom Riders Still Ride the Rosa Parks Bus?

I don't dabble with paranormal. I think it's fanciful nonsense. But if I did believe in ghosts, it would be that those who experienced suffering come back for closure.

I am writing a history mystery series and in it, I postulate a quasi-theory that scenes of intense emotion bookmark themselves. They create a historical vortex, or time-shift split, that living folk may stumble into. Jung alluded to this in his "collective conscience" paradigm.

But enough parapsycho-babble. The reason I posted was to share this photo I took on the Rosa Parks bus at Henry Ford museum in Detroit. See the fellow left, in shadow? Could it be the spirit of a former freedom rider? If ever spirits walked among us, I think it would be souls of slaves or persecuted civil rights protesters.

  Did I Photograph a Freedom Rider Spirit on Rosa Parks Bus?

Kick Winter Blues in the Rear with Cupcakes!

As I've mentioned, today is blue day for me. It started with arthritis, server issues, and payment problems. Then the funds transfer went through, the server gods smiled and my omega-3 kicked in. All good. But the blues, as anyone who struggles with them knows, can be persistent even in the face of positive.

That's when I realized what I was missing. Rainbow sprinkles. I decided, time to bring out the big guns, the Howitzers and flamethrowers and kick some depression butt. So...I baked cupcakes. And I multitasked. I listened and helped my youngest daughter process some problems.   When Life Gives You Lemons Or You Feel Like a Sourpuss, Make Cupcakes!

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