Shadows of the Past? Freedom Riders Still Ride the Rosa Parks Bus?

I don't dabble with paranormal. I think it's fanciful nonsense. But if I did believe in ghosts, it would be that those who experienced suffering come back for closure.

I am writing a history mystery series and in it, I postulate a quasi-theory that scenes of intense emotion bookmark themselves. They create a historical vortex, or time-shift split, that living folk may stumble into. Jung alluded to this in his "collective conscience" paradigm.

But enough parapsycho-babble. The reason I posted was to share this photo I took on the Rosa Parks bus at Henry Ford museum in Detroit. See the fellow left, in shadow? Could it be the spirit of a former freedom rider? If ever spirits walked among us, I think it would be souls of slaves or persecuted civil rights protesters.

  Did I Photograph a Freedom Rider Spirit on Rosa Parks Bus?

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