American Transcendentalism: Culture, Philosophy, Relgion

American Transcendentalism as Philosophy, Culture and Religion in Modern Life
I was born in a loving protestant home. In college, I explored Zen Buddhism, Quaker communities and Judaism. As an adult I converted to the Catholic faith. Recently, I've realized that American Transcendentalism reflects the expression of my faith.
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American Transcendentalism: Live Simply that Others Might Simply Live

Transcendentalism: Living Simply that Others May Simply Live
Transcendentalism is aptly defined as a culture, religion and philosophy. Like Judaism, transcendentalism is a way of life. Mother Theresa said, 'live simply that others may simply live.' Transcendentalism teaches simplicity, common sense and compassion.
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Finding Your Inner Wisdom

Finding Your Inner Wisdom, Karma, Zen or Higher Power in Tough Times
Everyone exhibits toxic behavior and stinking thinking occasionally. Sometimes, you feel miserable and you want others to be miserable, too. When I or someone I interact falls into toxic behavior, I'm learning to look for that little gem of wisdom.
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6th Grader Greyson Michael Chance Sings Lady Gaga 'Paparazzi'

Sixth Grader Greyson Michael Chance Goes Viral on Youtube with Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi'
That Lady Gaga has her own style goes without saying. That Youtube is flooded with Lady Gaga and Paparazzi covers is eqally obvious. What is surprising is that one of the most unique Paprazzi covers comes from sixth grader Greyson Michael Chance.
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'Britain's Got Talent' 80 Year-old Janey Cutler Sings Edith Piaf's 'No Regrets' to Standing Ovation

Britain's Got Talent 80 Year-Old Janey Cutler Wows Audience and Simon with 'No Regrets'
Britain's Got Talent season four episode four 80 year-old Janey Cutler sang Edith Piaf's 'No Regrets' from La Vie en Rose. Janey earned her three resounding 'yes' votes from Piers, Amanda and Simon Cowell and utterly charmed hosts Ant and Dec.
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