Parents blame stores for Christmas toy fights, spoiled teens temper tantrums |

Do you want to read some depressing Christmas statistics? Black Friday Christmas spending shot up 13 percent in 2015, reported Biz Report on Nov. 30. But the primary recipients of those gifts--kids--are getting greedier and brattier at the holidays, say their parents. Every Christmas you read about toy fights at stores, outrageous behavior from selfish children and the ridiculous lengths indulgent parents will go to for their spoiled kids. But Christmas 2015 hit new lows for greed, entitlement and audacity. Parents blame stores for Christmas toy fights and for their spoiled teens temper tantrums. Yes, you read that correctly--spoiled teens--61 percent of parents expect Christmas temper tantrums from their 18+ kids over gifts. Parents are not ashamed of this attitude of ingratitude--they believe manufacturers would prevent toy fights if they just made more. Parents blame stores for shorting them and making their spoiled teens make life miserable at Christmas. Talk about natural selection at its best.  Pardon me if this post reads a little ranty--I'm just sickened that any parent would make excuses for such obnoxious behavior from their teens. I'm horrified that parents could find fault with anyone other than themselves for children's greediness. Parents blame stores for Christmas toy fights, spoiled teens temper tantrums |

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