Understanding How to Play the Blame-Shame Game

The Blame-Shame Game is a term used in psychology and 12-Step recovery programs to explain behavior that is prompted by blame or shame. The blame -shame game is an avoidance and projection coping mechanism. The Blame-shame gamer attempts to avoid and cover his monstrous sense of shame by projecting the shame onto others (blame).

Here's how the blame-shame game is played. Rules are very important in the blame-shame game,but the can change. What the rule says, depends on who turn it is. Here's what I mean. The blame-shame game requires at least two players, but three is better. This way blame-shame gamers can richocet blame and shame off from and between the other two players. The blame-shame gamer can also form alliances with the person he isn't currently blaming-shaming.  Understanding How to Play the Blame-Shame Game

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