Black History Month movies, films, TV shows to honor African American experience

Teachers, are you looking for ways to explore African American culture for Black History Month? Here are movies, films and TV shows to help. These Black History Month movies cover the African American experience from slavery through Jim Crow, segregation, civil rights and to the present. Some films feature Africans who are not Americans but who have shaped black history. These films explore contributions of black Americans in sports, entertainment, music, science, arts and culture. Watch these movies for Black History Month. Many parts of the African American experience are very harsh and these Black History Month movies are realistic. Parents and teachers should prepare children before viewing. Parent approval may be needed for schools to show these films. But the stories movies portray are important--events can't be dumbed down or sanitized or lessons won't be learned and racism will continue.  Black History Month movies, films, TV shows to honor African American experience |

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