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It's World Elephant Day on August 12. Environmental News Network says it's trunks up for pachyderms! But many elephants won't be celebrating their own holiday. Captive elephants, like Mohan, 50 years a slave, are shackled in chains, underfed, and beaten. Mohan is the friend of Raju, the "crying elephant." Raju is the elephant who famously wept tears when he was released by Wildlife SOS India. Mohan is also in the custody of Wildlife SOS India as per a court order. But he is not freed yet. When rescuers attempted to take him, Mohan's vicious taskmasters beat them back with a 300-person armed guard. For their own safety and Mohan's the rescuers backed off. They've been relentlessly pursuing legal channels to get Mohan into protection. Time and again, they've been put off and rescheduled. Finally, Mohan will have his court day in court, August 13, just one day after World Elephant Day.   Free captive elephants like Mohan, 50 years a slave, on World Elephant Day

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