Home Recycling Bin System Easy Green and Free

Recycling is very important in our family. We save just about every scrap of paper and plastic that we use. While I don't mind recycling, it can get messy and tedious. And I refuse to spend money buying special recycling organizers. Here's an easy green recycle bin organizing system. Just remember, recycled items kept in the house they will draw bugs if they aren't properly rinsed.

Recycling programs sort by glass, paper, plastic and metal. So each week we set out four containers:

paper bags or boxes for paper. Paper, junk mail, collapsed cardboard boxes (with plastic removed), school flyers, paper packaging, and scrap paper goes in. Remove inner plastic liners from cereal, pasta and cake mix boxes. Shake plastic liners outside (for birds) to remove crumbs. Place in plastic recycling. Magazines and newspapers go into a separate bag for school newspaper drives.

Recycled plastic bag (from grocery, shopping, cat food, toilet paper) for metal, glass and plastic. Rinse cans, remove labels and put with metal. Don't remove can lid entirely. To prevent injuries, flatten lid to inside of can. Nest cans by size.

Recycled plastic bag for glass. Rinse glass bottles, remove labels, place in "glass" bag. Put any broken glass or chipped glasses in separate plastic bag and then in glass bag. Metal lids and bottle caps go in metal bag.

Recycled plastic bag for plastic: toss plastic containers, bottles, pill bottles, cartons, outer plastic shrink wrap, plastic liners, plastic 'windows' from cardboard boxes or envelopes.

Larger plastic, glass, and metal containers (laundry jugs, coffee canisters) are rinsed and stacked in the recycling bin outside. Whenever possible, we use rinse water--laundry soap goes in wash. Food containers are rinsed immediately and rinse water added to whatever food is being used to make.

Keep a recycling bin upstairs. Once a week, sort into into main recycling. On trash day, gather the bags, tie closed and place in our recycling bin. This system has made recycling as easy as 1-2-3. For more on green living, visit me at www.ladygreenwise.blogspot.com.

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