Detroit's 1914 David Whitney Building to Finally See Resurrection

When I first started visiting Detroit, in 1982, I was surprised that gorgeous old buildings could be left to rot. In my hometown, locals got militant to save a catwalk on the pier. I never thought that historic landmarks would be allowed to fall into ruin, spill interior rubble onto the sidewalk and everyone was okay with this. I watched people casually walk around piles of refuse from broken-down buildings as if they were used to it...because of course they were. They  had no choice but to move on. I was admittedly very naive. And people are certainly more important than buildings. But when buildings crumble it's like they take neighborhoods, made of people, with them. That's why I'm happy to share that after more than a decade, Detroit's famed David Whitney Building is finally getting her long-awaited face lift. The Detroit Free Press says a team, Whitney Partners LLC, will be the developer of the $82-million conversion of the Whitney into retail, apartments, and a boutique hotel. The long-vacant Whitney is an iconic structure downtown at Woodward and Grand Circus Park. On first glance, the Whitney looks pretty dreary and common place. It is now, thanks to a woeful 60s renovation that removed most of the elegant neo-classical City Beautiful exterior design elements. But the glorious Beaux Arts interior remains and only wants a bit of sprucing up. Detroit's David Whitney Building to Finally See Resurrection

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