Perseids Meteor Shower Visible August 11, 2012

Lots of things come around annually: a baseball game, a parade and also a beautiful light display like nothing else you've ever seen. And here's the good news; you don't have to reserve seating. There are no advance tickets to purchase.  Everyone gets the best seats in the house, free, no waiting in line, no driving required. This light display is brought to you courtesy of our galaxy, the Milky Way (cue applause).

It's the annual Perseid meteor shower and it will be on display in the western hemisphere this year 2012 from as early as late evening on Saturday, August 11 to early morning on Sunday (best viewing three hours before dawn). For best viewing, try to get outside between midnight and 5am. Finally a show that third shift workers like my husband get first dibs on.  Perseids Meteor Shower Visible August 11, 2012.

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